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Advantec. Improve your business with us



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ERP Systems

We are significant Comarch Partner and we offer wide range of ERP Systems, depending on particular requirements.

Effective Implementations

Modern software can offer great possibilities, but to have most efficient one, You need outstanding implementation and then it comes to us.

Top-class Hardware

Proper hardware is the key factor in technological solutions. That’s why we use it only from world’s top-class suppliers, with best business support.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile systems are most developing part of software useful in business. We can deliver great out-of-the-box solutions or create a custom-made application for You.

Analysis and Consulting

Years of experience and dozens of efficient projects guarantee the highest quality of our analysis and consultancy services. Working with professionals helps to avoid mistakes and leads to successful ending.

Custom Solutions Development

Particular expectations require individual attitude. Complex processes, broad range of functionality, scattered systems integration - in such circumstances custom system development is necessary.

Welcome to Advantec

Our mission is to give our Clients solutions, which can spread a new horizon to their businesses. We involve all accessible technologies, particularly IT.

  • Analysis and consulting
  • Innovative software
  • Top-class hardware
  • Service, that You can trust on

12 years of experience, combined with innovative way of working on projects, make our tasks becoming our common successes.

CEO, Tomasz Pasiuk

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